Dolby SLS SYS300A

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SLS SYS300A Cinema Screen Channel Speaker System

Consisting of (1)-CS301MH & (1)-CSB215, the Cinema System 300A is a full-range, bi-amped screen channel cinema loudspeaker for medium-sized auditoriums

The System 300A high-frequency section features a high-performance PRD1200 planar ribbon transducer designed and manufactured by SLS Loudspeakers. The unique design and properties of the planar ribbon driver delivers fast transient accuracy as well as an exceptionally smooth high-frequency response. Also the unique properties of the planar ribbon driver deliver more direct sound to the audience even with screen spreading. The mid-frequency section uses two high-efficiency 8” mid-range drivers. They provide an open and clear sound despite loud listening levels. The dual 15” bass enclosure compliments the powerful mid/high section with effortless bass reproduction.

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