Meyer Sound MDM – Distribution Modules

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MDM – Distribution Modules

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MDM Power and Signal Distribution

MDM products offer convenient power distribution and flexible routing of audio, AC power, and RMS to Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems.

The MDM-5000 is a rack-mount unit for quick connection and efficient distribution of AC power, audio signals, and RMS to LEO Family systems. Standard multicore connectors for audio and power are on the front panel, with discrete connectors on the rear for audio, RMS, and power.

The MDM-832 distribution module routes up to eight channels of AC power, balanced audio, and RMS to multiple Meyer Sound loudspeakers, further enhancing portability and ease of use for self-powered stage monitors and loudspeakers with low to moderate current draw.

Download the load calculator to quickly and accurately calculate how many Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers can safely connect to Meyer Sound MDM-5000 and MDM-832 power distribution modules.

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