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Christie CP2315-RGB

Advanced, yet affordable, DCI compliant cinema projection featuring Christie RealLaser™ technology for screens up to 56 feet wide

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The Christie® CP2315-RGB gives exhibitors the latest innovations in RGB pure laser technology at a cost of ownership comparable to Xenon. Featuring CineLife™ electronics and RealLaser illumination, the CP2315-RGB excels in image quality, operational lifetime and overall cost. Its compact, all-in-one form factor does not require any external chillers or parts for a seamless installation into any booth. Now is the time to make the switch to RGB pure laser for your theatre.

Image performance at its finest

The Christie CP2315-RGB produces impeccable image quality that audiences notice. By combining 2K resolution, an expanded color gamut, and contrast ratios that far exceed the DCI specification, the CP2315-RGB keeps stride with the enhancements in cinematic content to reveal a whole new depth of detail.

Long-lasting, stable light source

Christie RealLaser illumination technology gives exhibitors more than 75,000 hours of optimal performance before dropping to 50% original brightness. Featuring a patented sealed optical path, Christie RealLaser provides unmatched long-term stability and reliability.

Affordability, re-imagined

Thanks to our engineering excellence, we’ve developed a truly affordable RGB pure laser cinema projector. We’ve eliminated the need for external chillers, fiber-coupling, lamp replacements and concerns about space when retrofitting an existing booth. To top it off, RealLaser projectors provide the lowest total cost of ownership in their class while delivering higher image quality and performance over any other illumination technology.

Key features

  • Improved cinema experience – expanded color gamut approaching REC 2020, greater brightness and contrast
  • Enhanced Wavelength Diversity (EWD) – utilising MPD technology to improve image quality on all screen types
  • Long-lasting light source – over 50,000 hours of optimal performance
  • Low maintenance – sealed optics for protection against dust ingress
  • Backwards compatibility – works with existing Christie accessories and lense
  • Best-in-class operational efficiency – 11.6 lumens per watt

Rental Mode

Christie CineLife and CineLife+ projectors are now equipped with Rental Mode! Kevin Draper walks you through the benefits of Rental mode for you, your cinema, and our industry as a whole.




Up to 13,500 lumens at DCI white (<25°C ambient)

Contrast ratio

3000:1 full field on/off; 1000:1 ANSI with standard high brightness

Color gamut / number of colors

>95% Rec 2020 coverage

Digital micromirror device

0.98” mDC2K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema®

DMD DLP Cinema®

2048 x 1080 (2K)


2K (2048 x 1080)

Illumination performance (hrs)

>50,000 hours*

Processing electronics

  • Christie® CineLife™ Series-3 (Series-2 IMB compatible)**
  • HDMI v1.4a x2
  • 16-channel AES (w/ Christie IMB-S3 via RJ45 x2)
  • 2K120 (w/Christie IMB-S3)
  • Built-in automation controller
  • 3D Sync Connector (12V 1A powered)***

Lens mount

  • Fully motorized Intelligent Lens System (ILS™)


  • 1.05:1
  • 1.20-1.75:1
  • 1.39-1.9:1
  • 1.5-2.2:1
  • 1.75-2.4:1
  • 1.9-3.0:1
  • 2.4-3.9:1

Input line voltage

  • Single phase 200-240 VAC

Power input requirements

  • Input A: 200-240 VAC @ 50-60Hz, 10A max
  • Input B (UPS input): 100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz, 10A (8A typical @ 120V)

Power consumption

  • 1160W, max DCI brightness, @25°C 3960 BTU/hr


  • Liquid cooled/TEC, self-contained
  • Heat extraction optional
  • Room heat load w/o extraction: 5118 BTU/hr”

Laser class

  • Class 1 – Risk Group 3


  • Size (not including lens): (LxWxH): 42.6×25.0x13.3” (1083x635x337mm)


  • 174 lbs (79 kg)


  • Christie IMB-S3
  • NAS-S3 5.4TB storage
  • Rack mount pedestal
  • Rack mount pedestal adaptor
  • Extraction duct adaptor

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