Christie CP2320-RGB

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Advanced, yet affordable, DCI compliant cinema projection featuring Christie Real|Laser™ technology for screens up to 64 feet wide

The Christie® CP2320-RGB gives exhibitors the latest innovations in RGB pure laser technology at a cost of ownership comparable to Xenon. Featuring CineLife electronics and Real|Laser illumination, the CP2320-RGB excels in image quality, operational lifetime, and overall cost. Its compact all-in-one form factor does not require any external chillers or parts for a seamless installation into any booth. Now is the time to make the switch to RGB pure laser.

Image performance at its finest

The CP2320-RGB produces impeccable image quality that audiences notice. By combining 2K resolution, an expanded color gamut, and contrast ratios that far exceed the DCI specification, the CP2320-RGB keeps stride with the enhancements in cinematic content to reveal a whole new depth of detail.

Long-lasting, stable light source

Christie Real|Laser illumination technology gives exhibitors more than 75,000 hours of optimal performance before dropping to 50% original brightness. Featuring a patented sealed optical path, Christie Real|Laser provides unmatched long-term stability and reliability.

Affordability, re-imagined

Thanks to our engineering excellence, we’ve developed a truly affordable RGB pure laser cinema projector. We’ve eliminated the need for external chillers, fiber-coupling, lamp replacements and concerns about space when retrofitting an existing booth. To top it off, Real|Laser projectors provide the lowest total cost of ownership in their class while delivering higher image quality and performance over any other illumination technology.

Key features

  • Improved cinema experience – expanded color gamut approaching REC 2020, greater brightness and contrast
  • Enhanced Wavelength Diversity (EWD) – utilising MPD technology to improve image quality on all screen types
  • Long-lasting light source – over 50,000 hours of optimal performance
  • Low maintenance – sealed optics for protection against dust ingress
  • Backwards compatibility – works with existing Christie accessories and lenses
  • Best-in-class operational efficiency – 12.2 lumens per watt

Rental Mode

Christie CineLife and CineLife+ projectors are now equipped with Rental Mode! Kevin Draper walks you through the benefits of Rental mode for you, your cinema, and our industry as a whole.

18K lumens

2K Resolution

RGB pure laser

Delivering color and contrast realism in every scene

64’ wide screen projection



Up to 18,000 lumens at DCI white (<25°C ambient)

Contrast ratio

3000:1 sequential/1000:1 ANSI with standard high brightness lens

Color gamut / number of colors

>95% Rec 2020 coverage


Digital micromirror device

0.98” mDC2K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema®



2K (2048 x 1080)

Illumination performance (hrs)

>50,000 hours*

Processing electronics

  • Christie® CineLife™ Series-3 (Series-2 IMB compatible)**
  • HDMI v1.4a x2
  • 16-channel AES (w/ Christie IMB-S3 via RJ45 x2)
  • 2K120 (w/Christie IMB-S3)
  • Built-in automation controller
  • 3D Sync Connector (12V 1A powered)***

Lens mount

  • Fully motorized Intelligent Lens System (ILS™)


  • 1.05:1
  • 1.20-1.75:1
  • 1.39-1.9:1
  • 1.5-2.2:1
  • 1.75-2.4:1
  • 1.9-3.0:1
  • 2.4-3.9:1

Input line voltage

  • Single phase 200-240 VAC

Power input requirements

  • Input A: 200-240 VAC @ 50-60Hz, 12A max
  • Input B (UPS input): 100-240VAC @ 50-60Hz, 10A max
  • Room heat load w/o extraction: 5118 BTU/hr

Power consumption

  • 1480W, max DCI brightness, @25°C 5050 BTU/hr


  • Liquid cooled/TEC, self-contained
  • Heat extraction optional

Laser class

  • Class 1 – Risk Group 3


  • Size (not including lens): (LxWxH): 42.6×25.0x13.3” (1083x635x337mm)


  • 176 lbs (80 kg)


  • Christie IMB-S3
  • NAS-S3 5.4TB storage
  • Rack mount pedestal
  • Rack mount pedestal adaptor
  • Extraction duct adaptor

DMD DLP Cinema®

2048 x 1080 (2K)

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